Kennywood Client Testimonial

Jo Ann Robb
Realtor Berkshire Hathaway

The photos Steel City Drones provided are exceptional!  What a huge difference.  My clients are very excited.

Granger Souder
Solscient Energy

Wow! Dave & Steel City Drones did a fantastic job filming our solar array at the Lordstown GM plant in Ohio. I appreciate the emphasis on safety and responsibility (being a pilot myself).

George Condax

We hired Dave King with Steel City Drones who took incredible aerial video of our house in Pittsburgh, PA with his drone and over 130 beautiful high definition photos. The editing, music and 4K high definition video were out of this world. The video is currently also being watched by friends and family in southern Europe and the Europeans are scratching their heads about the quality of the photographs and video. Highly recommended service with no reservation.

Ovi Manciu

As a realtor who wants to be competitive by offering my clients top quality photography to market their homes, I've been thrilled with the work Dave has done for me. He is available when I need him, his photographs are of high quality, and his drone has been terrific for capturing aerial shots of my higher end listings. Highly recommended.

Jason Mileto
Brunner Works

Dave and his staff provided my team beautiful footage of various buildings in the Pittsburgh area. My team was not able to accompany Dave on all of the aerial locations. However, Dave and his team covered all requests in a timely and efficient manner. They delivered excellent footage on time and followed direction perfectly.

Bill Hubbard
Thompson Hine

Dave and Steel City Drones assisted in me in documenting an incident and getting some footage that I might use at a trial or in a court hearing. He and his team were easy to work with and clearly knew what they were doing. If I have the opportunity to work with them again I will.

Dan Scioscia
Luxury Homes realtor

I have been selling real estate in Pittsburgh for 30 years. Steel Ciy provided me a degree of service which has been unmatched. My listings are unique, high end and require something to set them apart. The client and myself were demanding, but Dave worked with us thru entire project and the results have been worth it!

Harry Giglio

Best and most experienced drone pilot anywhere.

Dan Bly
United Steel

Simply the best at what they do, hands down no contest.

We have used a couple of aerial drone vendors so far. The ones in the past were subpar at best and you could tell they really hadn't done this type of stuff before. It was very clear that Steel City Drones was very experienced with Drone work. They knew exactly what permissions and clearances if any needed checked. They asked me to get the permission from near by business owners because they had to fly over their properties to get what we needed. They were very friendly, professional, on time, and did the work very efficiently. They got us the pictures and video in one day turnaround.

Frank Bruckner
Scott Township commissioner

I would like to THANK YOU and Steel City Drones for the Drone Video and Still Photographs carried out on the new Scott Township Pool. We were very pleased with the workmanship and detail put in and we have received lots of positive comments. We definitely recommend Steel City Drones to other Municipalities, Family, Friends. Thank you once again.

Jamie Holleran
Skinny Tie Media

I had fantastic results working with Steel City Drones. I've used them on a few projects and their professionalism, capabilities and results are exactly what I needed. One thing in particular that I appreciate about their service is the peace of mind I have that they truly understand their business. So when it comes to insurance requirements, understanding FAA restrictions, circumventing outdoor hazards or indoor obstacles, I have complete confidence that Steel City Drones will navigate it all in order to get me the best looking results for our project.

Kelly Hanna Riley
Vice President & Director of Sales

If you are looking for an aerial photographer for your listings, Dave King and Steel City Drones are beyond fabulous!! I love their work and HIGHLY recommend them!

Micahel Wertz
Found and Chief Creative officere Apple Box Studios

Dave and Steel City Drones brings a unique combination to the aerial photography business. He combines years of video and camera experience with expertise in unmanned aircraft devices. Their results speak for itself.

Tim Frank
Director of Marketing and Creative Services Port Authority of Allegheny County

When the Port Authority was considering the task of posting photos on our web site of our 54 Parking and Ride lots spread over Allegheny County, we were thinking this is not a very interesting visual, essentially parking lots. Then we discovered Dave King and Steel City Drones, problem solved. Dave made Park and Ride lots beautiful and interesting. Exceeding our expectations. We had no idea a lot full of cars could look so inviting.

Zakk Heaps
Senior Producer 321 Blink

Steel City Drones brings so much to the table.  Dave’s years of experience and in-depth knowledge of aerial photography, combined with a very professional approach, created a great working experience.  His willingness to go the extra mile while on set also speaks volumes of his character.  Looking forward to working with Dave and Steel City Drones again.

Denise Fitzgerald
Scott Township Borough Manager

Thank you Dave King and Steel City Drones for giving Scott Township the opportunity to document the building of the new Scott Pool.  The work via aerial photographs that were supplied to us by Dave gave the residents, the commissioners and myself the opportunity to track the development of the pool.  The Scott Township Board of Commissioners has been delighted with the quality of work. We truly appreciate all the extra time and effort you put in which has been evident in your work product. Great job!

Brad Jones
President of Grandote Enterprises

I called Dave King at Steel City Drones and could not have been happier. We had some challenging issues such as changing weather conditions, new facilities not yet completed and a tight schedule could have resulted in an awful shoot. But between Dave’s ability to be flexible we were able to pull of amazing and compelling aerial footage. Dave and crew took direction well and were able to work most of the day on their own while still delivering the goods, and were more than open to suggestions when I had the time to direct some shots. If and when the need ever arises for aerials, Dave and his crew will be the first that I will call.

Geoff Smathers
Luxury Home Real Estate Agent

The photos Dave and Steel City Drones took are absolutely the best aerial shots I've ever seen. You're that good! Thank you again for all of your assistance in making the magazine article come to life.

Shenna Haydon
Project coordinator Glacier Sotheby's

Dave King with Steel City Drones is one of the most professional and versatile UAV Pilots I have had the pleasure of working with.

Linda Carnevali
Regional Manager Berekshire Hathaway

I asked Steel City Drones to come out and photography my home and neighborhood with their drones.  Needless to say I have since referred him to every agent in our company. They were  awesome…on time, quick with the photos he turned them around the same day, took exactly the views I wanted and made our community and my home look amazing! I will continue to refer Dave to anyone looking to make an impression on a buyer for any property or for anything they feel needs an amazing view of their event or property! 5 Stars!!

Jeremy Pronto
Realtor for RE/MAX Realty

Using Steel City Drones was a great experience.  The pictures came out amazing and represented my high end listing extremely well.  Due to the quality of the photos my listing was featured in Whirl Magazine.  I would absolutely recommend using Dave and his team for any of your listing needs.

Katherine Vojtko

I learned about Dave and Steel City Drones from a mutual friend.  Dave is highly knowledgable about all aspects of drones.  There wasn’t a question that he couldn’t answer for me.   Plus, I know if I need someone in the future Dave is there.

Ian Napier
General Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Dave and Steel City Drones. . I was a complete novice and a bit intimated when it came to drones.  I had called and emailed a few different sources and all were to no avail.  Either way too expensive or did not give me the time I felt I needed. Then I came across Dave and Steel City Drones and I can say from a buyers perspective I would highly recommend their services. From the very first point of contact Dave has been on the ball at every point.  My newbie questions did not put him off, in fact he made videos  (several)  just for me to help me understand.  Emails were always answered promptly and Dave has taken the time to call me personally to check on things. Dave has made me feel at ease with a complicated topic and I would definitely work with Dave in the future.

Judy Gelman
Director of Career Development Berkshire Hathaay Home Services

Steel City Drones did a great job on a difficult listing for me!  With 2 wooded acres and a spectacular house in the middle of Mt. Lebanon, I needed a different approach to advertising this property.  Dave came out with his assistant and in one hour had magnificent photos!  I highly recommend his work!

Rev. Jonathon Jensen
Calvary Episcopal Church

Thank you to Dave and Steel City Drones for an amazing video of our church. Dave and Steel City Drones created a video that is now displayed prominently on our website sharing views of our 100 year old church never seen before. Just as importantly, we were able to take high definition images of several suspect areas of the roof and ceiling to inspect for damage that would have required extensive and expensive scaffolding. Dave far surpassed our expectations in quality, professionalism, and creative ability. We look forward to working with them again.

Ashley Perrone
Howard Hanna Realtor, Mount Lebanon office

Appealing is an understatement! Thank you again so very much! The sellers are so impressed!

Mary Lou Einloth
Howard Hanna Realtor, Mount Lebanon office

They are excellent, truly! Everyone at the Howard Hanna Mt Lebanon office was impressed and so were the sellers!!!!

Shawn Clement
Professional Golfer, Worlds most popular Golf Instructor on YouTube

Professional, knowledgeable, and they care! I have had the pleasure to have David and his team at Steel City Drones to produce my 5 hour video series and we have nothing but positive feedback from our customers. Dave King constantly asked me if I was happy or if I had any questions. There were never any surprises with extra costs, Dave King is a man of his word and sticks to it. I would recommend Steel City Drones any day!

Rev. Francis Murhammer
Paster of St Margaret's of Scottland Greentree PA

I have had the privilege of working with Dave King and Steel City Drones. I couldn't be more pleased with their work performance and the quality of the aerial pictures of our church.  Dave is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in aerial drone technology. I would highly recommend Steel City Drones. Please feel free to contact me should you need any additional information.

Carrie Butler
President of Carrie On Relations

In my career, there are few people I’ve encountered that measure up to the professional knowledge and personal work ethic of Dave King. Through his consistent and reliable contributions, his eye for technical accuracy and his aptitude for doing things the right way he's the perfect person to hire. I strongly recommend Dave King and endorse his skills and contributions.

Wayne Simco

I had the pleaseure of working with Dave from 2002 until my retirement in 2012. Dave does it all and is dedicated and hard working. He’s resourceful, has an eye for detail and strives for perfection with each and every task. Dave consistently produced quality work and I’d recommend him.

George Albert
Media Relations California University

I have worked with Dave in many different capacities over the pasts 6 years. I value Dave's opinion when it comes to AV recommendations. Dave considers all options and continuously researches the best way to do a job. Excellent work ethic, I am pleased to recommend Dave King and Steel City Drones.